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About Us

The MC Cable Cutter & Pigtailer was invented out of necessity by Mr. Carl H. Vorpahl.  The story is that his nephew was the president of a large electrical contracting company and was faced with a large project that required cutting a large number of identically sized MC cable whips.  Sure, his technicians could do it the tedious, "old fashioned" way with tin snips, a hacksaw or "can-opener"  OR they could cut whips the "new fangled" way with the complicated measuring/cutting/notching setup--AND end up spending over 10 grand for a piece of equipment that would be hard to transport.  There had to be a better way...

The next time he had lunch with Carl, he mentioned this dilemma to him, knowing Carl had invented and patented various automotive suspension tools before he retired.  Up to the challenge, Carl soon created a prototype out of an old steel bedframe and other parts.  Although it worked good for a prototype, it weighed close to 125 lbs!  Striving for lightness, Carl decided to use aluminum extensively and reduced the weight to under 40 lbs!  After all the bugs were ironed out of the prototypes, Carl applied for and received a US Patent for the MC Cable Cutter & Pigtailer.

to be continued...

Founder and Inventor: Carl H. Vorpahl 1923-2005