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The MC Cable Cutter & Pigtailer is the quickest, easiest way to cut and whip MC and other metal-clad cables.  It is currently working hard on jobsites and pre-fab departments across the country.  The machine comes with a limited parts and labor 1-year warranty.  Once they've used the machine and found how it saves them time and money, most of our customers have ordered a second machine, some several, and one of our customers owns 14!  Our customers routinely cut 1500 or more whips a day (a leisurely pace of about 3 per minute...) and expect to cut at least 8000 feet of cable a day per machine depending on whip length.  Our machine allows you to control the quality of your whips and assemblies vs pre-cut whips bought elsewhere.  There is also very little waste--only measure and cut the lengths you need.  Think of how many feet of "extra" accumulate after 1000 oversize whips: 4 feet here, 6 feet there, etc.



    One stroke cuts whip to length and makes two pigtails.
    The pigtails are easily adjustable from 7" to 12".
    Cuts and pigtails as fast as you can measure -- accurately and safely.
    Notching blades are long-lasting, high-speed steel.  Four additional blades, two fine and two coarse (standard), are included.
    Cut-off saw uses an included 7" diamond blade.
    Micro-switch starts/stops all cutters for safe operation.
    Convenient on-off switch with "power on" indicator.
    Portable or can be bench mounted.
    Lightweight, Anodized, Aluminum frame--the entire machine weighs less than 45 pounds.
    Operates on 110v AC current .
    Built-in chip guard and cut-off sawblade guard.
    Durable, reliable, accurate.
    7-1/4" Saw and Drill Motors are included--the MC Cable Cutter & Pigtailer is ready to cut MC cable right out of the box!
    Pre-adjusted for 12-2 aluminum MC Cable, 9" Pigtails.  Can be set up for 12-2 steel (ie: McTuff) at your request.
    1-year limited warranty (parts replaced or repaired).
    A must for electrical PRE-FAB shops.
    U.S. Patent # US 6,234,057 B1
    Approximate dimensions are 37"Wx18"Dx14"H closed, 37"Wx22"Dx18"H open.



Welded aluminum tube, rod, channel, angle and plate construction.
Zinc-plated steel hardware used throughout.
Cut-off saw is the Hitachi C7SB2.  See the SAW page for more info.
Drill motor is the Hitachi D10VH.  See the DRILLS page for more info.


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