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Picture Gallery

updated (07/19/2018)


New Photo Gallery from our latest design for 2018!




Here are 3 miscellaneous pictures...the black and white picture is a patent drawing.  The other two show the machine as it was 8 years ago.  Considerable upgrades have taken place since then...

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YOWSER!!!, The Hooter Girls use the MC Cable Cutter & Pigtailer, too!

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NEW!!! The following article is from the March 2002 issue of Electrical Contractor magazine (  It is titled "Prebundling Saves Money and Time" and is written by Darlene Bremer.  It is an Adobe Acrobat file and is about 676k.  Download Acrobat HERE.  Download/View the article HERE (ecprefab1.pdf) 

Here are some recent pictures of a brand-new prefab shop in Florida.  Note the MC Cable Cutter & Pigtailer on the table in the second picture (DeWalt drills).  It is one of four in that particular shop. That company now owns 14!

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The following 9 pictures were taken in their old prefab shop 4-5 years ago.  This building is now used for electrician/apprentice training such as wiring practice, etc.

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The following are from an on-site prefab setup in Florida.  There are three trailers serving as walls and a substantial roof overhead with a flap that can be lowered for rainy conditions.  The barrels are used to organize the cut whips.  Note that they are working right-to-left not that it matters with our machine.  They use a long table with nails to help hold the cable in place and to measure from.  They cut in 2' increments to simplify storage.  The machine and other valuables get locked-up in the trailers at night.  The company is working on a large "hi-rise" dorm for a nearby university--lots of identical rooms (and whips)! This company owns three of our machines.

peprefab1.jpg (96184 bytes)peprefab2.jpg (69159 bytes)peprefab3.jpg (142665 bytes)peprefab4.jpg (88402 bytes)

peprefab5.jpg (84473 bytes)peprefab6.jpg (112807 bytes)peprefab7.jpg (94323 bytes)peprefab8.jpg (103232 bytes)

The following are from a self-contained sub-contracted prefab shop.  They are affiliated with a large electrical contractor over 100 miles away.  The material is delivered to them, they assemble the prefab components, then deliver to the jobsite via the trailer (the last pic.).  The boxes are labeled for each room they are meant for.  Note the racks for whip assemblies and handy-dandy extendable table for our machine, counter and coiler.  This operation is about 2 years old and they just bought their second machine.

cdstand1.jpg (84967 bytes)cdstand2.jpg (80647 bytes)cdstand3.jpg (93090 bytes)

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Many companies are using a length-of-whip counter.  We offer a counter with brackets and hardware as a bolt-on "kit".  Many companies also use a winding device (a coiler) to pull the MC cable through when measuring with a counter.  We recommend and offer the Olympic #99 Take-Up Reel but can get any other Olympic components and parts for you.  Visit the Counters web page for more info.

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*Above is a picture of an older "home-made" measuring/coiling setup in St. Paul, MN.


For many more pictures begin with the "How it Works" page.

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