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On this page is a list of Satisfied Customers that have graciously allowed us to list their names.  Some have even given us a testimonial!  Click on their names to go to the company's website.  There are MC Cable Cutter & Pigtailers all across the US and Canada.  If you have one we would love to hear from you! (Note that the list is at least 8-10 years old!)

Fisk Electric, Miami, FL
Collins Electrical Construction Co., St Paul, MN
Tadco Electric Services, Palm Bay, FL
Wise Electric, Colorado Springs, CO
Encompass Electrical Technologies--Kansas, Lenexa, KS
Encompass Electrical Technologies--Florida, Altamonte Springs, FL
South Coast Electric, Costa Mesa, CA
"Never a better timesaver!"--J.S., San Diego, CA
"We average 3 whips a minute with a 1-man operation!"--D.E., Ada, MI
"It's the greatest timesaving device in my pre-fab shop!"--H.M., Appleton, WI
"Saves us a lot of time!"--M.W., Colorado Springs, CO
There are one or more MC Cable Cutter and Pigtailers in the following cities or towns--does your competition have one?

If you are a customer and would like to comment and/or want to be included in the list of Satisfied Customers please email us at