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Survey Results

updated (07/19/2018)

NEW!! Miscellaneous Tips:

The following are some odds and ends that may or may not be in our Operating Instructions or other publications...

  • Safety Update!!!  Color the "on" portion of newer-style Main Power Switches RED if it is not already.  This helps remind you that the machine is "live" with the switch on.  With later machines, this should already done for you...
  • Older-style V-blocks were thinner and had a tendency to sag if used continuously.  A quick, inexpensive trick is to adapt a 2-1/2" muffler clamp (or similar) as a "stop" to counteract the "sag".  Refer to the following illustration found HERE.  A trailer leaf-spring clamp can also be used as shown HERE. New machines use a carriage bolt with locknut mounted in the middle or the V-block.
  • Alternately, you can order a new V-block (steel or thicker aluminum) which should cure the sag.



The following survey results are a summary of what we've received so far and will be added to periodically.  Also check out the Customers page to see who has responded and any quotes they may have.

  • Many customers requested or have already added some sort of length of whip counter.
    • UPDATE: We now offer a length-of-whip counter kit.  More info is HERE.

    oly1410.gif (20935 bytes)



  • Some have added a number of whip counter.
    • UPDATE: We now offer a number-of-whip counter kit.  More info is HERE.


  • Some are using a winding device (a coiler) to pull the MC cable through when measuring with a counter.
    • UPDATE: We offer and recommend the mid-sized Olympic #99 coiler. We can also obtain for you most Olympic wire handling products and parts.  More info is HERE.

    oly300.gif (11975 bytes)table1.jpg (96177 bytes)

    Above is a picture of a current measuring/coiling setup courtesy of Randy Simmons at Collins Electric in St. Paul, MN.

  • Some customers cut a bunch of whips at a time, some cut just one then assemble it to the hardware, etc. in assembly line fashion, "moving down the line".  Some have their machine on a cart and go room to room during major rewiring jobs.
  • Many customers use their machines daily, even those with ten plus-year old machines!  Some use their machine in "spurts" using it everyday for months then there will be a period of non-usage.
  • 1500 whips a day is a common number according to several customers.
  • More to Come!