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Safety Warning!


To all that should be concerned including: Safety Managers, Pre-Fab Foremen, Tool Crib Foremen, Owners, CEOs, Directors, Users of the Machine, etc.

 It has been brought to our attention that there have been injuries to users of our Machine, the MC Cable Cutter & Pigtailer (the Machine).  This concerns us a great deal!  The injuries are the result of hands/fingers getting cut by the partially exposed “notching” blades on the end of the drill motors.  By design, the blades start automatically as the machine is almost fully closed and normally present limited risk UNLESS a user places his/her hands fingers in close proximity to the blades while the blades are spinning and/or defeats the micro-switch that turns off the drills when the Machine is opened.  Loose or poorly fitting gloves might exacerbate the risk of injury if the blades grab hold of the gloves and pull the fingers in while spinning.  Users must NOT put their hands near the blades!

 Simply opening the Machine and/or turning off the main power switch will stop the blades from spinning (and cutting) unless the switches have been modified or bypassed.  Do not modify the switches!

 To remind users of the dangers of spinning blades, we would like to send you safety labels that you will need to apply to the machine.  We would ask that you send us a digital photograph(s) of installed labels for our records.  Refer to the “Safety Labels Installation” sheet included with the labels.  Please install the labels as soon as you get them.

 Additionally, and effective immediately, ANY users of the Machine should be made aware of the risks of injury and if not able to acknowledge the risk, they should NOT be allowed to operate the Machine.  Users should read or have someone read/interpret the Machine instructions and the saw and drill safety information that was included in the instruction packet.  These documents can be downloaded for free from our website “Downloads” page.

 The Machine should be locked up when not in use to prevent unauthorized/untrained/unsafe users from operating it.  These have been the people whom have been injured.

 It should go without saying that a Machine with “Cutter” in its name is capable of doing exactly that.  The Machine is an industrial tool intended to be used by properly-trained, safety-conscious users, familiar with the safe operation of power tools and equipment and have read the instructions thoroughly or whom have had the instructions read and explained to them.  A “temp” worker or unsupervised “trainee” may not have the proper training or knowledge to fit into the “skilled with power tools/equipment” category and could get injured using the Machine (or any OTHER power tool or equipment for that matter…)

 If you have determined that the risk of injury outweighs the benefits the Machine can provide for you please Email and we will work to help you transfer your machine to another company who has decided to accept the potential risk.  Thank You!

Sincerely, Bob Moran, McCutter, Inc.